Our Wine Classes

Wine  tasting should be fun and enjoyable. At Premier Wines we make it so. Our classes  are full of good, simple information. We discuss: 

  • Grape  varietals 
  • Wine  glasses 
  • Deductive  tasting methods 
  • Wine service  in restaurants 
  • French oak  style wines 
  • American oak  style wines 
  • Stainless  steel style wines 
  • Screw caps  & corks 
  • Proper  serving methods 
  • Champagne  methods 
  • Storing wine  at home without a cellar 
  • 1855  classification 
  • Old world vs.  new world

If you would like to book a wine tasting class give us a  call and we will customize a tasting for your group. We can arrange a private  tasting for two or accommodate groups up to 200 people. Each tasting is different depending on what you, the  host, desire. At your request, we will arrange for a formal or informal  tasting. 

The classes range from  beginner to advanced and can be taught on specific or multiple topics. We also  work with many caterers, so if you would like to food to accompany your tasting,  we can help with arrangements in advance.

We believe that the customer is in  charge, so we try to accommodate any reasonable  requests.

The mini wine  tasting class typically lasts 45 minutes to an hour and features six different  wines (combination of red and white) served with an appetizer for a very low price. Mini wine  tasting classes are more social events and do not feature an instructor but are  staffed by knowledgeable wine stewards that can answer questions about the wines  being poured.

Mini-tastings can be reserved from parties from four to 20 people. We offer the mini-tastings  Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings after 4 PM. A reservation  must be made in advance to ensure availability. The mini-tastings are perfect for after work functions, meetings, getting together with  friends or meeting somewhere prior to attending a dinner or special event. Mini  Tastings are also perfect for the wine lover’s birthday and all wines featured  are available for purchase.

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Our wine tasting  facility is the perfect place to mix business and pleasure! We can  accommodate corporate groups from 10 to 200!  We customize each corporate  event to exactly what your needs are even if you need to have a presentation or  demonstration.  We will work with you to make it enjoyable,  affordable and memorable. We host many successful wine tastings and receptions and look forward to assisting you with your event.

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At Premier  Wines, we love celebrating a new wine as well as celebrating a new love! Our huge banquet  room is the perfect place to have your wedding reception with the one you love  with the wines you love. We can tailor  your event to your needs and accommodate up to 200 guests. We host many  successful events and look forward to helping you plan your wedding  reception.

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